Tourism and recreation

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The environmental values, which are beneficial for leisure and recreational activities, are the strength of this region. Woodland, which covers of the Commune's territory and provides beneficial bio-climatic conditions, is one of the most important features. Particularly large wood complexes are found in the eastern-southern part of the Zelów Commune. The northern part of the Commune, which houses a fragment of the "Tuszyńsko - Dłutowski" Protected Landscape Area, has also a very attractive landscape. This is the area of high natural values, with the valley of the Grabia being most valuable. The southern regions of the Zelów Commune are equally interesting. They house a fragment of the "Szczercowski" Protected Landscape Area, which includes bordering woods of the Commune and the enclaves of fields and river valleys. Beside the picturesque north and south region of the Zelów commune, there is also the reservoir "Patyki" with its big sandy beach on the river Pilsia. There is a scout riverside hostel, sports fields (football, volleyball, badminton), a children's playground as well as a table tennis equipment. Closeness of the dune-like complex overgrown with pine forests emphasises attractiveness of this region, and touristic and recreational purpose of the "Patyki" reservoir encourage the communities of the neighbouring towns to relax here. Moreover, the management of the District State Forests in Wola Pszczółecka located its Summer Centre run by Karitas (charity organisation) in its forests. Unusually beautiful and quiet areas are also situated in Kolonia Karczmy - Jamborek. This is where a district of summer houses is found. Near there flows a picturesque river Grabia. One can fish in fish-breeding ponds where one can eat delicious fish in the old mill.

Therefore the beneficial environmental condition, significant woodiness, good bio-climatic conditions in the region of large wood complexes, recreation and leisure areas, and vicinity of the Łódzka Agglomeration provide an excellent base for developing weekend tourism for inhabitants of Łódź, Pabianice, Bełchatów and Łask.